Those Sports Guys, the blog, was born on January 1, 2010 - when two guys who love sports decided they were sick of listening to a bias media and wanted to bring a new light to sports.  Taylor and Brian started what is now known as Those Sports Guys - a sports blog.  Originally Taylor and Brian had their own pages and wrote multiple articles each week - covering a wide variety of sporting topics.  It was evident this amount of writing was not possible with their busy schedules.  The blog would have consistent writing for 2 months and be offline for 6 months then on for 4 months and off for 2 months...that is until August of 2012.  

August of 2012 is when it all started to come together.  Those Sports Guys was reborn...and it is the blog you know and love today!  At that time the blog was consolidated to a welcome page, the blog - better known as "The Report" and an About the Authors page.  A new key piece came into the writing rotation and the duo become a trio.  Benton joined as the third writer and Brian, Taylor and Benton each took a day to write a blog - one post from each writer each week - therefore three posts a week.  Six months into the new format Those Sports Guys noticed they had some momentum and added an overall editor and manager - Andrew.  Now, 52 weeks later...about 156 posts later...the reformatted, re-energized Those Sports Guys Blog is officially 1 year old...Happy Birthday to us!!!
If you can't tell we are very excited about having a complete year of consistent writing.  A lot has happened in that time but through thick and thin we are happy to still be around - great friends, huge sports fans and hopefully slightly better writers!  In celebration this week you will see a new post everyday for a week - that is seven straight posts this week!  We want to thank you, our readers, for all of your support!  We love to write about sports but without someone to read the posts - it makes it a little pointless.  So THANK YOU - we love you you...our readers!!  Our goal is to set a new viewing record in one week and we need your help!  Please be sure to come read each post everyday this week and tell your friends!!  It is our Birthday Blog Bash!!!  Find the posts via our twitter account (#BBB) and Facebook page (Birthday Blog Bash).  

 Thank You Readers!!  Join us in our celebration!!

Those Sports Guys


08/10/2013 11:53pm

Woohoo Cubs win! Must be in honor of your Birthday Bash! 😉

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